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Delays at Sturgeon Refinery

Phase 1 of the new Sturgeon refinery is unlikely to begin processing oilsands bitumen until year-end, several months later than expected, due to multiple equipment failures.

Sonangol awards contract for new Cabinda refinery

Sonangol has awarded a contract the United Shine consortium for construction of a new 60kbd (3Mnta) Cabinda refinery in Angola. A timeframe for start of construction on the project were not yet disclosed.

Start-up of new STAR oil refinery delayed to 2019

The commercial start-up of Turkey’s new $6.3 Bn 200kbd (10Mnta) STAR oil refinery has been delayed until early next year and not expected to reach full capacity until mid-2019, after tests revealed minor faults.

Hengli signs oil deal with Saudi Aramco

Hengli Group has signed a $3.6 Bn agreement with Saudi Aramco for 131kbd (6.5Mnta) of crude. It’s Dalian refinery is expected to start operations this year and plans to import 400kbd (20Mnta) of crude next year.

Contract awarded for Sweeny refinery hydrogen supply

Phillips 66 has awarded a long-term contract to Praxair to supply high-purity hydrogen to the 256kbd (12.8Mnta) Sweeny refinery in Texas – to start in early 2021.