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Davis Refinery construction underway and model to be used in other states

Construction on the physical Davis Refinery is underway, but not progressing as quickly as hoped, due to a lot of the litigation associated with the permits.

Oman reiterates interest in Hambantota refinery project

Omani Oil and Gas Minister Dr. Mohammed Hamed Al Rumhy has reiterated Oman Oil Company’s firm interest to take part in the $ 3.88 Bn Hambantota oil refinery project in Sri Lanka.

Zeeland awards contract for Vlissingen refinery

Zeeland Refinery, a joint venture of Total and Lukoil, has awarded a contract to Aspen Technology to implement optimisation software, designed to bridge gaps in planning and scheduling on middle-distillate production units at its 72.3kbd (3.6Mnta) Vlissingen refinery in the Netherlands to increase product quality and production, and advance energy efficiency.

CPC expected to complete Dalin refinery expansion by end of May

According to state-owned CPC the on-going expansion at the 300kbd (15Mnta) Dalin refinery in Kaohsiung, Taiwan is expected to be completed by the end of May, increasing capacity to 350kbd (17.5Mnta).

New refinery for South Sudan?

Last year, South Africa's Department of Energy pledged to invest $1 Bn into South Sudan's petroleum industry, with the aim of securing affordable energy supplies for South Africa.