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Husky Energy to focus on more-profitable fuel production

Husky has taken advantage of its diesel-heavy refineries in the US to pivot from gasoline production to focus on more-profitable fuels. It has already shuttered over 80kbd (0.4Mnta) of heavy crude production and cut refinery runs.

Viva Energy cuts Geelong refinery operations

Viva Energy Australia is shut down its residual catalytic cracking unit and one of its crude distillation units in May at its Geelong refinery, near Melbourne, due to COVID-19 restrictions and the fall in demand for its petroleum products.

Moda completes 10MnBbl crude oil storage expansion

Moda Midstream has placed into service the final 495kBbl tank of its 10MnBbl crude oil expansion at the Moda Ingleside Energy Center (MIEC) in Ingleside and the Moda Taft Terminal in Taft, in Texas, raising total storage capacity to approx 12MnBbls.

Sasol awards contract to Wood for South African downstream assets

Sasol has awarded a contract to John Wood Group to serve as an engineering partner under a 5-year partnership framework agreement to support Sasol South Africa’s portfolio of assets, including its refining and chemicals businesses.

New refinery proposed for Johor state

Vitol is looking to build a 30kbd (1.5Mnta) refinery at Tanjung Bin at VTTI's ATB tank farm in Johor state, southern Malaysia.