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KNPC plans to boost refining capacity to 2Mnbd

Kuwait National Petroleum (KNPC) plans to increase the nation’s refining capacity to 2Mnbd (100Mnta) by 2035. The 615kbd (30.75Mnta) Al-Zour refinery, due to start up next year, will push capacity to almost 1.4Mnbd (70Mnta) and KNPC is evaluating a new fourth refinery in southern Kuwait.

New refinery proposed for western North Dakota

A new 28kbd (1.4Mnta) biodiesel refinery has been proposed for oil-rich western North Dakota to be located along Highway 1804 southwest of Trenton near the Montana border, prompting questions from a local township chairman.

Nigerian refineries revamp delayed until 2020

Nigeria’s refinery rehabilitation programme promised by government is running behind schedule, delaying the reduction in petroleum products imports, and has been pushed from 2019 to 2020 following glitches in funding arrangements with joint venture partners.

Reliance planning expansion of Jamnagar refinery

Reliance Industries is planning to boost its oil refining capacity by about half, with a new $10 Bn plant at its Jamnagar refinery with a processing capacity of as much as 600kbd (30Mnta) of crude oil.

Mexico's next leader puts flagship refinery project up for vote

Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says he will scrap plans for a new crude refinery proposed in the southern state of Tabasco if it is not supported in a referendum this weekend,