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Heartwell Renewables awards contract for Hastings renewable diesel plant

Heartwell Renewables, a joint venture between The Love’s Family of Companies and Cargill, have awarded a contract to Worley for the detailed and field engineering services for a greenfield 302MnL/year Hastings renewable diesel plant in Nebraska.

Cloverdale biorefinery to restart in 2023

POET is to restart its bioprocessing facility in Cloverdale, Indiana in 2023, after federal and state policymakers took action to safeguard domestic markets for low-carbon biofuels.

Iran to revamp PDVSA refineries

Iranian state firms have begun preparations for the revamp of the 955kbd (47.75Mnta) Paraguana Refining Centre (CRP), Venezuela’s largest oil refinery, with a contract currently being negotiated.

PRL to invest $1.2 Bn in upgrade and expansion

The Pakistan Refinery (PRL) is to invest approx. $1.2 Bn in the upgrade the plant and expand processing capacity from 50kbd (2.5Mnta) to 100kbd (5Mnta) as well as converting to deep conversion from the existing hydro skimming.

Flint Hills to construct solar installations at Pine Bend refinery

Flint Hills Resources has approved a $75-Mn project for the construction of one of the US’ largest solar installations to help power operations, lower energy costs, improve energy efficiency, and reduce emissions at its 335kbd (16.75Mnta) Pine Bend refinery in Rosemount, Minnesota.