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Judge upholds permit for Davis refinery

A North Dakota judge has upheld a state permit allowing construction to begin on Meridian Energy’s Davis oil refinery near Theodore Roosevelt National Park, upsetting environmental groups hoping to stop the project.

Egypt to invest $9 Bn in refineries' upgrade over four years

Egypt plans to upgrade six oil refineries at a cost of approx. $9 Bn over four years to increase domestic production to 820kbd (41Mnta). The country currently has eight refineries with a capacity of 760kbd (38Mnta), of which only 500kbd (25Mnta) is utilised.

Major maintenance underway at Pernis refinery

Royal Dutch Shell is to undertake major maintenance work on a number of units at its Pernis oil refinery in Rotterdam in January, which is expected to last two months.

Contract awarded for Phase 2 of Zhejiang refinery

Zhejiang Petrochemical has awarded a contract to Honeywell to provide a range of process technologies, engineering design, equipment, catalysts and adsorbents, and advanced automation controls for units to be installed as part of Phase 2 of its 800kbd (40Mnta) Zhoushan integrated refining and petrochemical complex.

Dangote refinery receives key component

The Dangote Oil Refining (DORC) has taken delivery of one of the major components of its refinery equipment; the regenerator for the Residual Fluid Catalytic Cracker (RFCC).