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Japan ceases Iranian imports ahead of waiver expiration

Japanese refineries have stopped Iranian oil imports weeks ahead of the expiration date on the USA sanction waiver despite the exemption not expiring until May, to ensure deliveries and payments arrive on time.

Hambantota oil refinery in a position to commence construction?

There seems to some debate over whether the Hambantota oil refinery project was in a position to lay the foundation stone, as it is uncertain whether the project had been finalised.

France Total Donges refinery plans partial halt in April

Total is it will halt production from some units at its 220kbd Donges refinery in western France from the end of April to the end of June for maintenance, units include the fluid catalytic cracker

RAPID to reach full operations in 4Q19

The new RAPID refinery and petrochemicals joint venture between Petronas and Saudi Aramco in Pengerang, southern Malaysia, which commenced its start-up in late January, is expected to reach full operations in 4Q19.

Hainan refining expansion project postponed

Sinopec has started construction of an ethylene and refining expansion project at its refinery. However, some refining units, such as a 100kbd (5Mta) CDU, which were originally included in the expansion project, are not on the latest construction list.