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Bidding process for Dos Bocas refinery begins end of June

Mexico is commencing plans for the $7.7 Bn Dos Bocas oil refinery in Tabasco as President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador aims for the country to become self-sufficient in energy production. The bidding process for the six phases begins at the end of June.

Limbe refinery shut down following blast

Cameroon’s 2.142kbd (Mnta) Sonara refinery in Limbe declared force majeure after a storage tank exploded causing a fire that shut down output at the refinery. No deaths were reported.

Hawaii returns to importing gasoline now only one refinery operational

Up until the end of 2018 Hawaii's two refineries had satisfied state gasoline and diesel demands for years. The state had not imported full gasoline cargoes since 2013, but imports commenced in January 2019 following the closure of Island Energy's refinery on Oahu in December 2018.

Petronor begins maintenance at CDU at Bilbao refinery

Petronor has started planned maintenance on the largest of two crude distillation units at its 240kbd (12Mnta) Muskiz refinery near Bilbao, Spain.

RAPID project on still on target to start operation 4Q19

Petronas is now in the final stages of finishing the Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID), a 50-50 partnership with Saudi Arabia’s state-owned Saudi Aramco.