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Nigeria’s government to support Dangote refinery

Nigeria’s federal government has pledged to support Dangote Oil 650kbd (32.50Mnta) integrated refining and petrochemical complex in Lekki, which is now scheduled to be completed by 2021.

Pulau Muara Besar complex now operational and exports first LPG cargo

Hengyi Petrochemical has announced its refinery and petrochemical complex in Brunei has entered commercial operations two-and-half months after trial productions started. Its first shipment of LPG has been loaded for export.

Husky completes sale of Prince George refinery

Husky Energy has completed the sale of its 12kbd (0.6Mnta) Prince George refinery in British Colombia, to Tidewater Midstream & Infrastructure. The refinery processes a number of products, including light oil into low-sulphur gasoline and ultralow-sulphur diesel.

Darwin Clean Fuels signs MoU for proposed condensate refinery

Darwin Clean Fuels has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with McDermott International for the construction of a proposed 60-100kbd (3-5Mnta) clean-fuels condensate processing plant in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

Come-by-Chance refinery proposes overland pipeline to a transshipment terminal

North Atlantic Refining, which owns the Come-by-Chance refinery, is proposing to construct a 2.5km overland pipeline connecting the transshipment terminal in Arnold's Cove and the refinery. This will allow security of supply for the refinery.