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Vietnam receives bids for Dung Quat refinery expansion

Binh Son Refinery (BSR) has received bids for its $1.8 Bn upgrade and expansion project at the 145kbd (7.25Mnta) Dung Quat refinery to increase capacity to approx. 190kbd (9.5Mnta).

Shell to shut Convent refinery

Royal Dutch Shell is to close its 239kbd (11.95Mnta) Convent refinery in south Louisiana by the end of the year, with shutdown operations starting this month. Following closure Shell will continue to search for a buyer for the plant, part of its larger strategy to shrink its portfolio from 14 facilities to six by 2025.

Z Energy wants Marsden Point refinery converted to fuel import terminal

New Zealand fuels retailer Z Energy wants the 135kbd (6.75Mnta) Marsden Point refinery converted to a fuel import terminal, and is in talks with fellow owners about the transition.

Exxon urges Australia Government to release aid by January

ExxonMobil, who owns 90kbd (4.5Mnta) Altona refinery, Australia’s oldest, is urging the government to start releasing aid to the country's oil refineries by January, in response to BP’s decision to shut the Kwinana refinery – the nation's largest plant.

Valero’s JV awards contract for Norco renewable diesel plant

Diamond Green Diesel Holdings (DGD), a 50-50 joint venture of Valero Energy and Darling Ingredients, has awarded a contract to Honeywell UOP to license process technology for a second 30kbd (1.5Mnta) production unit that will more than double production at its 275Mn gal/year (approx. 18kbd) Norco renewable diesel plant in Louisiana.