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REPLAN refinery restarts units and boosts IMO-2020 fuel production

Petrobas' 434kbd (21.7Mnta) Paulínia Refinery (REPLAN) refinery in São Paulo, has once again broken its record for monthly production of low-sulphur fuel oil (LSFO) Bunker 2020. June’s production was 148kCum, 20% higher than the 123kCum in May

Between January and May 2020, REPLAN, largest of Petrobras’ refineries, was responsible for 12% of all Bunker 2020 fuel produced by the refiner.

Petrobras also confirmed it had resumed operations in June at one of REPLAN’s crude distillation units (U-200A) as well as at the refinery’s catalytic cracking unit (UU-220), restoring the refinery to its full processing capacity.