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Kazakhstan in negotiations to export gasoline exports

Kazakhstan is beginning preliminary negotiations with Uzbekneftegaz on gasoline supplies from Kazakh oil refineries to Uzbekistan. It is also in the process of making amendments to its agreement with Russia concerning the lifting of the embargo on the supply of Kazakh gasoline to the CIS countries. In addition, by February 2019 Kazakh could be exporting gasoline to Kyrgyzstan.

Kazakhstan has three major oil refineries: Atyrau, Shymkent and Pavlodar. all of which completed their modernisation programs last year, increasing capacity from 276kbd (13.8Mnta) to 330kbd (16.5Mnta). Kazakhstan will be able to export 24kbd (1.2Mnta) in 2019.

A new oil 20kbd (1Mnta) refinery plant will be built in Kazakhstan, land has been allocated in the Zhanaarkinsky district of the Karaganda region has already been allocated for the construction, with funding from Singapore. The plant should be online by 2022.