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Come-by-Chance refinery plans crude efficiency project

NARL Refining has filed for registration and review of the environmental assessment process for a crude efficiency project at its 130kbd (6.5Mnta) refinery at Come-by-Chance, Newfoundland, to help achieve compliance with the IMO’s January 2020 global cap of 0.5% sulphur on fuel oil.

As well as enabling the refinery to produce IMO-compliant fuel, it will also increase crude throughput to over 160kbd (8Mnta) making Come-by-Chance the fourth-largest refinery in Canada. And it is also expected to reduce the refinery’s greenhouse gas carbon intensity by 8% and sulphur dioxide emissions by 40%.

The project includes installation of several preheat exchangers and a prefractionation column within the crude unit, as well as several piping modifications. Construction scheduled to begin this summer, with all assets operational by spring 2020.