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Kuwait clean fuel project to be commissioned in Sept

Kuwait will commission its clean fuel project (CFP) in September after 36 new production units at two main refineries were completed in nearly five years, a local newspaper said on Wednesday.

SK Energy completes new unit at Ulsan refining complex

SK Energy has completed construction of a new vacuum residue desulphurisation unit for production of low-sulphur fuel oil at its 840kbd (42Mnta) Ulsan refining complex in South Korea, which is scheduled to begin commercial production in March following a trial-run period currently under way.

PBF Energy completes acquisition of Martinez refinery

PBF Energy announced today that its subsidiary completed the acquisition of Martinez refinery, and related logistics assets, from Shell. Following the acquisition, PBF's increased its total throughput capacity to over 1Mnbd (50Kbd).

Petrobras advances sale of REMAN and LUBNOR refineries

Petrobras has started the binding phase for the sale of two of its 46kbd (2.3Mnta) REMAN refinery in Amazonas 8kbd (0.4Mnta) LUBNOR refinery in Ceará and a shale processing complex in Paraná, as it divests its Brazilian refining assets.

Valero refineries to run up to 91% of combined capacity in 1Q20

Valero Energy plans to operate its 15 refineries up to 91% of their combined capacity of 3.13Mnbd (156.2Mnta) in 1Q20. The refiner’s eight US Gulf Coast refineries plan to operate between 89% and 91% of their combined crude oil throughput capacity of 1.8Mnbd (90Mnta).