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Mostorod refinery successfully started up

Qatar Petroleum has announced the “successful” start-up of the Egyptian Refining Company (ERC) Refinery project located in Mostorod, north of Cairo. All of the refinery units are now successfully operating, and are expected to ramp up to full production before the end of 1Q20.

New 300kbd refinery proposed for East South Africa

Central Energy Fund (CEF), partnering with Saudi Aramco, has proposed a new 300kbd (15Mnta) crude oil refinery along South Africa’s east coast, which is suggested could become operational by 2027-28.

Restart of St Croix oil refinery set for early 2020

Limetree Bay Refining’s 210kbd (10.5Mnta) St Croix refinery in the US Virgin Islands could begin delivering fuel supplies early next year as it is now approx. 75% complete.

Insufficient product demand for the continuing rise in capacity will lead to refineries closures

OPEC has said it expects 2.1Mnbd (105Mnta) of refining capacity to be shuttered through 2025 due to overcapacity, with another 5Mnbd (250Mnta) of further closures anticipated by 2040.

Fears of future incidents in US refineries following PES explosion

The suspected cause of the explosion at Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) in June has raised fears over future incidents due to the leeway given to refiners for inspecting parts, and because some older equipment is exempt from more stringent standards for newly installed parts.