Mexico plans new refinery & rehabilitation program

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico has announced a plan to rehabilitate six refineries and build a 340Kbd (17Mta) refinery at Dos Bocas, Tabasco, as part of a National Refining Plan.

The Dos Bocas refinery is to produce 170kbd (8.5Mnta) of gasoline and 120kbd (6Mnta) of ultralow-sulphur diesel. The six refineries to be upgraded are at Cadereyta, Madero, Minatitlan, Salamanca, Salina Cruz and Tula, and currently have a combined capacity of 1.54Mnbd.

Pemex CEO Octavio Romero said Lopez Obrador aims to rescue the national oil industry and achieve energy independence. He added that there will be no more privatisation or dismantling of facilities, nor will the workers of the energy sector in our country be displaced to perform other activities