Pecos refinery project to go ahead

MMEX Resources plans to implement the Pecos refinery project in three 10kbd (0.5Mnta). crude oil distillation units, to be built in three phases. Phase 1, now permitted by the TCEQ, will produce a non-transportation grade diesel primarily for sale in the local market for drilling mud and frac fluids, along with naphtha and residual fuel oil to be sold to other refiners.

Mexico plans new refinery & rehabilitation program

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico has announced a plan to rehabilitate six refineries and build a 340Kbd (17Mta) refinery at Dos Bocas, Tabasco, as part of a National Refining Plan.

Petrobras to shed Pasadena refinery

Petrobras has added the proposed sale of subsidiary Pasadena Refining Systems Inc.’s (PRSI) 100Kbd Pasadena refinery in Texas.

Largest Pakistan fuel importer to become refiner

Pakistan State Oil, the nation’s biggest importer of petroleum products, plans to build the country’s largest refinery to process 200-250Kbd making it, it expands into crude oil processing.

Leigh Creek for sale after Alinta Energy closes coal mine

The purpose-built town of Leigh Creek in South Australia's Flinders Ranges is facing an uncertain future after Alinta Energy’s coal mine it was created to support closed down in late 2015. Two power stations in Pt Augusta fed by the mine are also set to close.